The Cars

"What do you drive?" is a series highlighting the amazing cars owned by friends of NEAT. A short film consisting of beauty, detail, and roller shots, the series was designed show how special these vehicles really are...

Josh's Saab 900 Turbo

Josh's 900 Turbo is completely one of a kind. Having gone through 4 different transmissions, nearly every component on the car has been meticulously examined. He was able put it back together for this shoot in Gloucester and Rockport, MA. Josh and his father own Rockport Service Station, where josh learned everything about Saab's. Enjoy this video highlighting Josh's fire breathing, backfiring, (usually broken), BEAST.

joe's Mk6 GTI

Equipped with an air-ride system courtesy of BagRiders, Joe's beautiful Mk6 attracts a lot of attention. Along with the air-ride system, Joe also has a Stage 2 tune on the car. Recently Joe was involved in a parking lot fender bender which took out his front left fender and headlight. To remedy the situation he mounted a pair of beautiful Carbon Fibre fenders which set the car off from other Mk6's. Enjoy Joe's MINT Mk6.

Gordon's B9 S4

While mostly stock, Gordon'd S4 is the perfect mixture of luxury, refinement and "rip your face off" speed. Featuring a twin turbo V6, the B9 is a major upgrade over the B8's supercharged setup. The turbos make all the right sounds and set the car off with pops and bangs while downshifting. Enjoy Gordon's Kickass S4.

John's Alfa Romeo Giulia

New this year, Alfa Romeo has finally brought a fun sedan to the US market. The Giulia is the perfect balance of sporty luxury. Equips with a turbo 4 banger and all wheel drive, John's Giulia, is the perfect exciting commuter car. Enjoy John's gorgeous Alfa Giulia. 

Tyler's E82

This is Tyler's tastefully modified E82 128i. While relatively stock, the light modifications that Tyler has done, bring out the beauty of the car. With black Kidneys and VMR wheels, the car sits with an aggressive stance. Spec'd in Monaco Blue, the color suits the car perfectly. The BMW "steptronic" gearbox shifts with ease, making it the perfect daily driver for backroads and endless Boston traffic. Enjoy Tyler's beautiful E82.

Nick's NB Miata

This is Nick's BEAUTIFUL MX-5. Sitting on Tien coilers, the car not only handles well, but has a more aggressive stance than stock. Nick has also fitted the car with gorgeous Adventi Storm S1 wheels, wrapped in Hankook RS4 tires to maximize grip. As a platform the car is perfect for ripping Vermont back roads! Enjoy, Nick's perfect NB.